Family Testimonials

 “We are happy to have our children learning and growing within the community that we love. We have been so impressed with Lethu’s development, since she joined MG in 2017.”

Langa and Jamie

Parents of Khaya in Toddlers and Lethu in K2

“From the teachers, to the administrative staff, to the principal, to the scholar’s and their families the sense of community thrives and enriches our scholar’s academic life”

Sean and Rebecca

Parents of Zahriah in 4th grade and Sean Jr. in K2

“All three of our children have their own shyness and Mission Grammar has helped them to overcome it so much! We saw how excited Cemya was and that made us realize that MG was great for her education.”

Maria and Sean

Parents of Cemya, alumni, Saige in second grade and Xavier in K2

“We didn’t choose Mission Grammar, Mission Grammar chose us! There is a true commitment to building a community atmosphere and that alone makes MG stand apart. The administration and teachers are amazing and really go above and beyond for their scholars and really care about educating and nurturing the whole child”

Tyisha and Thomas

Parents of Jai in 3rd grade

“Mission Grammar has exceeded our expectations from the community, the faculty, the staff, the administration and the scholars. Mission has been an extensive part of our lives and we are blessed to be a part of this dedicated community.”

Kara and Fernando

Parents of Janelle in 4th grade and Jeremiah in 5th grade

“The positive attitude of everyone we encountered, from the teachers to families, made this school stand apart and has continued to impress us.”

Linsey and Chris

Parents of Bryce in K1 and Davis in toddler

“The staff is amazing and more importantly we observe the scholars in the classroom are engaged and excited. They are engaged about leading and that is very beautiful.”

Blanca and Adilson

Parents of Cason in 2nd Grade and Alaina in K1