Welcome from the Principal

Mission Grammar School Principal,
Caroline Sliney

Welcome to Mission Grammar School!

Thank you for choosing Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Mission Grammar School. We are the oldest Catholic Elementary School in the city of Boston, dedicated to providing Unity in Diversity and Excellence in Education since 1889.

At Mission Grammar, we believe in the brilliance of every child. Each and every child comes to Mission Grammar with innate brilliance and we have the privilege of helping scholars to see this brilliance in themselves as they learn and grow each day. We believe that every child is capable of learning and achieving at high levels and we believe that it is our job to provide a high quality education; built around a rigorous, standards-based, developmentally appropriate and culturally relevant curriculum; to every child, every day. We believe in collaborating as a team to help ensure that every child is getting the support, academically, socially, and emotionally, that they need to continue to grow and achieve.

We believe in the importance of establishing a Culture of Achievement in the overall school culture at Mission Grammar, and in the day to day experiences in every classroom. We believe in the importance of scholars seeing themselves as capable and we strive to have every scholar ready to be change makers in this world. We provide a culturally relevant curriculum, enhanced with books representing a diverse collection of races, cultures, and experiences. We want scholars to feel proud of the work that they do and proud of who they are. We believe this is the foundation for a counter-narrative that will change the world.

We believe in community; we believe that families are our scholars’ first teachers and we strive to build authentic relationships with all of our families. We believe in working together to provide the best possible environment and education for every child. We, as a staff and school, come together to plan and implement high quality learning strategies in our classrooms, because we believe that is what every child deserves. We also believe in the strength of our extended classroom, the city of Boston. We provide engaging and fun field trip experiences to further the learning of our scholars. We call on community partners to enhance the experience at Mission Grammar, partnering with neighboring hospitals and colleges to provide experiences and services that strengthen our scholars’ minds and bodies.

We believe that we are a family; the Mission Grammar community would not be the same without each and every member in it. We know we are blessed to have the community we do, filled with the best families, most dedicated and loving teachers, and brilliant scholars. We work to be better each and every day so that Mission Grammar can continue to grow, thrive, and support so many young and brilliant learners on their road to college.

Upon admission to OLPH Mission Grammar School, you will enter into a high-quality, faith-based learning community committed to celebrating the gifts of your child. Thank you, again, for choosing Mission Grammar and welcome to a school community dedicated to nothing less than Unity in Diversity and Excellence in Education, since 1889. I look forward to meeting and working with you and your family!

All the best,

Caroline Sliney

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