Elementary Education

-K1 through 4rd grade are self-contained classrooms, with the classroom teacher teaching all academic curriculum.

Upper School Model – Grades 5 & 6 

  • Scholars rotate between Humanites (ELA, Social Studies and Religion) and STEM. 
  • 1:1 chromebooks

We are a Responsive Classroom school

We begin our days with Morning Meetings as a class, greeting one another and allowing our day to start with routine and community.

We utilize the NWEA MAP testing three times a year. The baseline in the fall, progress monitoring mid-year and finally at the end of year. Teachers and scholars use these adaptive and standards based results to modify lessons and set academic goals throughout the year.

Explore our Curriculum

We follow the Massachusetts State Standards when planning our units and lessons. Explore what standards apply to your scholar here.

After school Elementary Clubs

National Elementary Honors Society

National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) members showcase these qualities:

  • Scholarship: works hard and tries their best (grades are all A’s and B’s).
  • Responsibility: trustworthy and able to handle tasks.
  • Leadership: knows right from wrong and stands up for others.
  • Service: helps others without being asked.

Offered to Upper School Scholars

Step Team