Early Childhood Education

Our Early Childhood program begins with scholars at the age of three months.

In our Tremont Early Childhood building we have eight classrooms; two Infant, two Toddler, two Pre-K, and two K0 classes (three and four year olds). For each class we focus on having a schedule and curriculum that is age appropriate. Our program has a strong focus on our scholar’s overall growth in social, emotional and academic skills. Our classrooms use a combination of learning through play, as well as curriculum, so that all parts of the day are learning opportunities. Throughout your child’s day, learning comes alive through play-based centers and a research-based, comprehensive curriculum including Building Blocks math and OWL.

Our Early Childhood program partners with The Lynch Foundation which provides our staff with a variety of professional development, a coach for each teacher, and help create age appropriate curriculums for our youngest scholars.

Brilliance and Faith

We believe that every child is innately Brilliant and aim for each to explore and grow in their brilliance every day at Mission Grammar. We focus on a holistic education, raising caring leaders for life as they build a deeper relationship with God, while also supporting the growth of each child in a culturally diverse environment.

History and Innovation

Since 1889 Mission Grammar has been a jewel in the Mission Hill neighborhood. Knowing that 80% of the brain is developed by age 3 and 90% by age 5, we thrive on innovation and intentionality in our Early Childhood program. We offer the only Catholic infant through grade six program in greater Boston. In the Summer of 2020 we completed an expansion of our high quality educational experience for an additional 100+ scholars of all grades.

Family and Community

The strength of our school is our community, both within and beyond the school walls. We work closely with families, engaging them in every step of a scholar’s academic experience. Our approach is rooted in positive relationships with all community members. Additionally, Boston is our extended classroom and we have regular field trips and explorations for all ages.

“Infants are precious gifts that bring joy to my soul. Working with babies allows me to sow love and kindness along with intellect in them at an early age which goes alongside the Mission Grammar mission statement.”

Ms. Baine

Infant Teaching Assistant

“I am dedicated to my work here at Mission Grammar because it allows me to positively impact numerous futures. As a professional, I have the privilege of assisting families and enabling their growth. It brings me immense joy to organize enriching experiences that foster young children’s development and witness the wonder in their eyes as they conquer new abilities. At Mission, we function as a close-knit family, providing unparalleled support for one another. I take great pride in the positive difference I make in the lives of the children I teach.”

Ms. Claisha

Lead Toddler Teacher