Social & Emotional Services

Our on-site Director of Scholar & Family Support provides ongoing individual counseling, social skills groups for scholars and resource navigation and linkage for Mission Grammar families.

Zuleika, a licensed social worker, serves as our City Connects Coordinator through partnership with Boston College. BC’s City Connects model allows us to holistically assess every scholar’s strengths and needs in the domains of family, academic, health, social/emotional/behavioral.

As part of this model, the Whole Class Review allows for each scholar to be discussed and assessed in each domain. As a result of the Whole Class Review, scholars are tiered based on their needs and strengths which determines the level of needed intervention and support. Individual Student Reviews take place during our Student Support Team meeting. This weekly meeting allows for consultation and planning with caregivers, staff, and teachers to best support scholar needs in a strengths-based and solution-focused way. Scholars and families are linked to community partners/resources or on-site supportive services as needed.

Zuleika Andrade

Zuleika Andrade

Director of Scholar & Family Support