Jailene is a Mission Grammar alumna from the Class of 2018. She began at Mission in K1 and attended through 6th grade. Jailene went on to receive a scholarship through the Catholic Schools Foundation to support her attending a Catholic high school, and is currently a senior at Ursuline Academy in Dedham. Recently, Jailene was named a recipient of the National Hispanic Recognition Award. She is currently applying to colleges and hopes to major in biology and linguistics, and minor in art. Read on to learn more about Jailene!

Why did your family choose Mission Grammar?

My mom wanted to send me to a Catholic school so I could receive the best education possible. She felt it was a better environment for me. She was right! I learned a lot, like how to challenge myself, which I carried to Ursuline. At Mission, teachers always took the time to help me when I was struggling or give me extra work when I needed a push.

How did you decide on Ursuline Academy?

After I received the scholarship from the Catholic Schools Foundation, I set up a shadow day at Ursuline. I really liked the environment. It was a lot like Mission Grammar — it wasn’t huge, the class size was small, and it was easy to talk to teachers and get to know people. When I shadowed, the friend group of the girl I shadowed welcomed me with open arms and made me feel so comfortable.

What hobbies and extracurriculars have you explored at Ursuline?

I sing in the choir and we perform a couple times a year and at all our Masses. I am in three National Honor Societies and as part of that, tutor younger students in the subjects of math, physics, French and biology. Through this I’ve learned that I have a passion for teaching people in a one-to-one setting. I am really involved in art, as well. As a junior I took AP Art and got a 5 on the AP test. I was ecstatic because I worked on my portfolio for an entire year. I’m also president of the crochet club!

How has Mission shaped who you are today?

At Mission Grammar I was able to get comfortable socializing even though I was very shy. I learned how to ask questions in class and ask for help when I needed it. In addition, my faith has always been part of who I am. This year I’ve been fortunate to take a Catholic entrepreneurship class that teaches us how to learn more about ourselves so we can figure out the path we want to take in life and what goals we have for the future.

We are so proud of Jailene and all she has accomplished. We are looking forward to her visiting campus this spring to talk with our scholars about high school and beyond. Keep up the great work, Jailene!