Social Emotional Learning

We believe that social and emotional learning is the foundation of a successful academic experience.  Mission Grammar is a Responsive Classroom School with shared practices such as Morning Meeting, Pathways to Self Control and CARES.
Our model values the innate Brilliance of all children and supports the development of Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy and Self Control.
We believe in the strong importance of relationships as the foundation for all learning, scholars must feel emotionally safe before academic learning can happen. The Pyramid Model is a core piece of our work, with a particular focus for our youngest learners.
Support for our Scholars is the key, as developing young people, they will have different needs along their journey and we have a Scholar Support Team in place to ensure those needs are not only identified but met. We partner with City Connects through Boston College to ensure that all scholars’ needs are met.
Link to Scholar Support Team page HERE