In Ms. Sloan’s K2 classroom, they started Women’s History Month by doing a hands on simulation and used an example demonstrating what pay discrimination looks like. The class is split into groups with both boys and girls together and timed as they cleaned up toys in the classroom. When the time was up, Ms. Sloan congratulated the scholars together and asked them if they felt like they worked well together. When they all shared that they are proud of their teamwork and success, she lined the scholars up and distributed stickers. However, she gave the boys two stickers each and the girls one. Scholars got very upset and immediately started asking why the boys got more stickers if everyone worked in a team. Scholars then start brainstorming how to make the situation equal; some shared that the boys should have only gotten one sticker, but the majority agreed everyone deserves two! It was a memorable experience that sticks with the scholars for the remainder of the month and school year!

K2 scholars also spent each week dedicated to a theme of different change makers in the world. The first week highlighted leaders such as Malala Yousafazi and Harriet Tubman, the next week scholars learned about explorers and scientists such as Amelia Earhart and Alice Bell, the third week was dedicated to artists and entertainers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Rita Moreno, and Frida Kahlo, and for the last week kindergartners studied athletes such as Wilma Rudolph and Michelle Kwan!

Ms. Sloan uses many forms of media to learn about these heroes like video clips, song segments, informational videos, read alouds, and “easy readers” for scholars to take home so they could take ownership of their learning and teach their families too!