K1 Class learning!
The Class is Moving from our Tremont Campus to the St. Alphonsus building! 

In the winter of 2017 we opened up our infant and toddler program. Ms. Shawna Lymon (also known as Ms. Ly),  Mission Grammar’s assistant director of early childhood and lead infant teacher, remembers her first class of infant scholars.  Those infants, enrolling as early as 3 months, have now made their way across campus and to the St. Alphonsus building with the other elementary classes.

These scholars are the first to attend Mission Grammar beginning as infants. Now K1 scholars, Ms. Ly reflects on seeing the scholar’s growth over the years. For many of the scholars, she was present when they took their first steps and spoke their first words. Now these scholars share every last detail of their day. Ms. Ly, a graduate of Mission Grammar herself, knows she will have an everlasting bond with her first cohort of infant scholars. This original group still sees her in the hallways of Mission Grammar and remembers her impact on their lives. They show their appreciation with lots of hugs!

And the scholars aren’t the only ones to grow. Our enrollment in the infant and toddler program has doubled since its opening in 2017.