This month’s family spotlight is a second grade scholar at Mission Grammar who is featured in our MBTA advertisements seen around the city! When we asked if we could use Thomas’ photo for the campaign, we couldn’t believe the connection his family had to the MBTA! 

Can you tell us about your role at the MBTA? 

I am the only Black woman Foreperson at the MBTA Blue Line. My crew and I repaired tracks overnight (11pm -7am).

What was your reaction when you found out that Thomas was going to be on an MBTA advertisement? 

My husband and I are very proud of Thomas and support everything that he does including being featured on the MBTA! We always teach Thomas about giving back in any way that we can, and being a model for his grammar school is just one way he has stepped up to do this.

What impact do you think a Mission Grammar education is making on the women of tomorrow?

With an education from Mission Grammar our scholars gain greater knowledge, skills, self- confidence, and the capability to improve their own life. Thomas originally started at Mission Grammar but then left for a year. Since being back, we have seen how important the Mission Grammar education is to him. Thank you to the Mission Grammar community for welcoming him back with open arms. We are so thankful!