This month, I had the absolute honor of being invited to serve as a panelist at the “Women Leading the Way” luncheon hosted by Suffolk University Business School. As I prepared to participate, I reflected upon my own journey and the women who have inspired me along “the way.” Of course the amazing women in my life came to mind, but I also thought about the long tradition of women “leading the way” at Mission Grammar School. Our school was established in 1889 by the School Sisters of Notre Dame; these faith filled women were the founding leaders who created the vision of a Mission Grammar education. Before women had the right to vote, they were shaping minds and forming Faith at Mission Grammar. Today, 133 years later, women are still “leading the way” at Mission and supporting other women for success. Through our Early Childhood Center, which welcomes children as young as three months, women and their families can rely on high-quality childcare with a social justice mission allowing them to continue to pursue their dreams at  work or school. Our young women scholars have examples of strong women all around them, both in school and outside of school. We are so grateful to the visionary women of the School Sisters of Notre Dame for setting us on this path as we continue to lead the way and live our mission more fully each day!

-Mrs. Ali Dutson
President, Mission Grammar School